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Why I Love (and hate) Ghost Writing: 

Its real simple; your story is not my story. And to be honest, there is more residual benefit for me to sit still and write my own stories every day for the rest of my life. So there’s the hate part. But, while I’m already doing that and while that is a lifelong endeavor and

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Where Are The Killers At!?

At East Atlanta Multimedia we’ve got one of the best & easiest products to sell (VIDEO PRODUCTION). Everyone needs videos produced. If they don’t their brand is LOSING! If they’re not delivering a message consistently to their audience, they are not edifying their customers. They’re not educating their customers and/or theiy’re not entertaining their audience.

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Social Media Intervention

My friend you came to the right place tonight. Indeed you are experiencing the curve that we all know, love and/or hate. The social networks that you’re talking about are only as good as your own personal networking skills. Before I got into social networking I was already on the streets meeting folk, sharing my content.


Free Book Giveaways? Why? When? How?

I had been selling my own small-press published books on the streets of Harlem, NY for a good year before my major publishing deal set in. When I was able to travel I moved books on the cold streets of Chicago and in the sweltering heat of New Orleans. During those times, I never considered

Tips for Internet radio interviews

One of the big vantages of doing Internet radio is you now having audio sound bites of yourself telling it like it is about your book. Granted, a lot of these hosts will not have read your book and will try to conduct the interview with some sort of cookie-cutter formula they’re accustomed to. That

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Relentless Q&A For Writers & Publishers

“What are your top recommendations for finding volunteer book reviewer’s? “Guilty of having an ego and wanting it stroked” Relentless Aaron: In building my brand and my name I never considered book clubs, book reviews or book reviewer’s to be part of the plan. All I knew was what I knew (if that makes sense)


Bob Baldwin is our Guest on “Wine & Jazz in Conyers”

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