Internet radio is on the rise:

Internet Radio is one of the most interesting formats alive, how it affords a voice to those who are willing to share, and how it connects you further with new resources & listeners. You can create and maintain it from your car, your bathroom or the backyard. With Internet radio you can make a name for yourself, and work your way into a larger audience, and eventually a video asset for the same program.
Have you been thinking about starting up your own streaming Internet Radio station but you still have questions about costs, procedures, legalities, attracting listeners, and maybe even what kind of station you might want to run? East Atlanta Multimedia will help you answer those questions and give you a solid push in the right direction.
Internet Radio is free and easy to use once you’ve got the production techniques down to a science. So far, so many tens of thousands of online stations have been created by people just like you. Play what you want, name it what you want, program it as you like. Apparently, others seem to like listening to Internet Radio stations because there are millions of listeners.
No matter if you’re a novice and want to learn the skills, or if you want to just be “the voice” and have us to produce the show, EAM has got your back.