Tips for Internet radio interviews

internet_radio-100043602-largeOne of the big vantages of doing Internet radio is you now having audio sound bites of yourself telling it like it is about your book. Granted, a lot of these hosts will not have read your book and will try to conduct the interview with some sort of cookie-cutter formula they’re accustomed to. That goes for TV as well. But there are some platforms out there that are dynamic and that which will catapult you to the clouds if you should so deserve it. Naturally we all have friends and those with friends in high places will get the interviews that are necessary to push their book, whether the book is good or not. And be clear all well promoted book does not necessarily mean it’s a good book. Having a good book is subjective to who is reading it and why. So if you know this going in, you should try to accumulate the most substantial interviews possible to promote your brand. Get those Internet radio interviews and get them recorded and put them in a folder and get yourself a good audio editor to put together and audio cd that you can either give away or sell, depending on the value of the CD and what’s on it. Make sure that when the edit the audio that they use great music and great sound effects and I don’t just talk the talk I have walked it… I also have a sample of this on my website/in the Relentless Radio tab look for “Relentless Aaron, the movie”
NOTE: The price of CDs as duplicates of your original work/your master are no more than $.25-$.50 each with simple printing on the desk. That is so affordable and so realistic today, to add that value to your book, whether you put it in an envelope inside your book or you jewel-case the CD and pass it to a new reader during an autograph signing. Blessings www.relentlessaaron,net

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