Why I Love (and hate) Ghost Writing: 

Screenshot 2015-11-11 13.51.18Its real simple; your story is not my story. And to be honest, there is more residual benefit for me to sit still and write my own stories every day for the rest of my life. So there's the hate part. But, while I'm already doing that and while that is a lifelong endeavor and a labor of love, I still get paid handsomely to write your story. So when you came into my office and asked me "how much," it made sense for me to require a lump sum of money. Yes, indeed I was supersede that you took out stacks of cash and laid them on my desk just like that! But after all you are the real estate mogul, the rapper, the doctor or the lawyer... while I am the wordsmith, able to dip in and out of a storyline seamlessly with results that leave your audience wanting more. It doesn't matter if you want fiction, nonfiction or a recipe book.  My job  and my skillset  is  a well earned  combination that has accumulatively won me awards and worldwide acclaim.  And while I hate giving up part of my 24 hours I also enjoy seeing you satisfied with your story revealed for the world to see. I don't need my name on the book, and I don't need to circumvent the agreement we have in place. I have no interest in your story other than to put my mastery to work, mere exercise until you're finally satisfied with the results, and at that point I'm able to get back to my own books. Truthfully it's a joy for me to have such a license in molding your story and your voice so that it is cohesive and undistracted. After all I'm a man who has developed a discipline to sit still and write for hours and hours and hours, like some never-ending sexual escapade that is all give and take and thorough and intentional and.... (lemme stop. LOL)

Here's the other thing that you may not be all too clear about; once I finish your book, you have a seasoned professional to help you deliver it to market, whether it's  via mass publishing deal with one of the major book publishers, or if you'd like to make the lion's share of profit for yourself and need a marketing plan. Yes, I am the writer, the publisher and the marketing guru to help you complete your goal as a successful author.

You only get one chance at that debut novel, and people will either know about it or they won't. You will either sell it locally, or globally. It will either be successful, or it will collect dust. In any of the aforementioned equations, unless you know what I know, I AM the reason why your book "will" or it "won't."

I hate to present myself as some Cocky Balboa/be-all-to-end-all who you must rely upon, however who else do you know with as much credibility, as much experience, and as much success in the book business, who you have access to and who is affordable? Who do you know that is a seasoned writer with awards and worldwide global acclaim/more than enough stockpiled experience to take you and your masterpiece to the finish line? If you do have someone, great. If not... what are you waiting for?
I'm going to leave you with this: The other reason I hate ghostwriting is because many of you can't afford me, your story will die with you, and/or you just can't decide. But that's also a great thing for me....

It speaks to why I also love ghostwriting: because I only have 24 hours in the day, I can only assist a few worthy clients, and its those few exclusive folks who I will not allow to sink in the sea of failures, like another book project flopping around in an oil-spill.

Truth is, I can compete with writers and publishers throughout the world. But here in Atlanta Georgia, no other author compares with experience, with know-how, with the resources to get the book publishing jobs done and in the reader's hands.

I GOT U.. #Relentless