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24-ROCK_CENTER_FIG_3Are you planning a very special event in the greater in the Atlanta area? A Wedding perhaps, a reception, rehearsal dinner, private party to celebrate an anniverary, corporate retreat or BIG Birthday? Are you needing Audio Visual Equipment but not sure exactly what you need or where to find it? Do you need a sound system or projection screen and LCD projector but have no idea what size to best serve your needs? East Atlanta Multimedia is the premier LOCAL Audio Visual company that UNDERSTANDS and LOVES providing exceptional equipment, manpower and event services to guests from all over the world. WE are NOT a 1 800 number that ships the gear to you from another part of the country. We are right here with local team members ready to make your event seamless and FANTASTIC !

We think of ourselves as a “Boutique” AV service provider because although we do HUGE events and STAGED productions we absolutely LOVE working with intimate private parties and events. From backyard fundraisers in Atlanta to elegant Country Club Weddings on the Golf Course – East Atlanta Multimedia delivers impeccible service to clients wanting a carefree rock solid experience. And once the video & audio is done we can edit and post-produce the content into user-friendly Internet Radio broadcasts, DVDs or Youtube links. Remember, we’ve got you covered!

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