Have You Considered An Audio CD to Accompany Your Book?

Too many authors, and not enough ingenuity. So, to overcome the slush pile of concepts and ideas out there, just present your work differently. If you’ve already got the talent, its just a matter of introducing your work to new markets. So, how about an audio CD to accompany your book project? It can be an interview, some advice, or even some dramatic enactment of the work. Really, it would even be a good adea to include a combination of all the above. No matter your decision in marketing, we can help you accomplish the task. We’ve got you covered at EAM!

  • We Can Package Your Products So That They are Polished & So They Brand You Effectively
  • Book/CD or Book/DVD combinations are Great Demonstration Tools
    If you are a public speaker and you plan to monetize your message, a CD/DVD/Book product is a must. Schools, libraries and organizations budget yearly for new educational materials
  • Having a Book/CD or Book/DVD Product for your client is Priceless
  • How About a CD to Accompany Your Books?
    Book & CD combinations show your potential reader more value and time/workmanship has been devoted to your brand.

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