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Owned and operated by Award Winning Author, Relentless Aaron, East Atlanta Multimedia values the art of photojournalism and capturing the most candid of moments and emotions as they unfold throughout the day. Relentless and his team specializes in Weddings, commercial, model and event photography, with special services for promoting the content on social media such


Time To “Relevant” Your Brand 

If you are leading a brand, if you have a product or service or an initiative that you are trying to move forward, your 360° media should include video, podcasts, newsletters and consistent website updates and social networking. We are your ONLY PROVEN, AFFORDABLE 1-stop solution at East Atlanta Multimediahttps://youtu.be/UkvykYSYOI8 A good Vendor Managed Inventory

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Why I Love (and hate) Ghost Writing: 

Its real simple; your story is not my story. And to be honest, there is more residual benefit for me to sit still and write my own stories every day for the rest of my life. So there’s the hate part. But, while I’m already doing that and while that is a lifelong endeavor and

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Where Are The Killers At!?

At East Atlanta Multimedia we’ve got one of the best & easiest products to sell (VIDEO PRODUCTION). Everyone needs videos produced. If they don’t their brand is LOSING! If they’re not delivering a message consistently to their audience, they are not edifying their customers. They’re not educating their customers and/or theiy’re not entertaining their audience.

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Social Media Intervention

My friend you came to the right place tonight. Indeed you are experiencing the curve that we all know, love and/or hate. The social networks that you’re talking about are only as good as your own personal networking skills. Before I got into social networking I was already on the streets meeting folk, sharing my content.


Free Book Giveaways? Why? When? How?

I had been selling my own small-press published books on the streets of Harlem, NY for a good year before my major publishing deal set in. When I was able to travel I moved books on the cold streets of Chicago and in the sweltering heat of New Orleans. During those times, I never considered