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“What are your top recommendations for finding volunteer book reviewer’s?

“Guilty of having an ego and wanting it stroked”

Relentless Aaron: In building my brand and my name I never considered book clubs, book reviews or book reviewer’s to be part of2015-04-12 11.16.22 the plan. All I knew was what I knew (if that makes sense) which was a lot of trial and error. Those trials and those errors gave me a hard knock experience that propelled me as a debut author with an ax to grind. But in hindsight I might suggest otherwise. definitely add book reviews book reviewer’s and their platforms to your buffet of book promotion and marketing strategies. Amazon is a place, for a long time, where reviews are contrived and manufactured by your friends and your friends friends. But if you are a master of your craft, you will be pleasantly surprised at how reviews will pop up out of nowhere from people you don’t even know. But the biggest reviews have been from people I sold books to, or people who have purchased my books from bookstores around the world. I’ve gotten hand-written letters in the mail and emails and posts and comments that have been priceless and which have added up to the ego-stroking and the money bag. Yes, I am guilty of having an ego and for wanting it stroked. And those reviews that we speak of are part of the stroking process. As much as they are valued endorsements. Those radio interviews, newspaper and magazine interviews where folks comment on your books are part of the stroking process. But I don’t think there are any better reviews than the world’s top publications that focus on books such as the Library Journal which is peopled by librarians and other industry personnel, and Publishers Weekly. The four-star reviews I’ve received on these platforms as well as the biggest media engines out there will be feathers in my cap well past this lifetime. Of course all of these reviews have been accumulated over the past 10 years of brand building, hence no need to reminding you to be where; that things have changed. If you have a problem reaching the top reviewers go with your audience first and graduate to that next tier. Blessings.


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